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Handmade Gifts for Pets

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Cat Toys
All cat toys are stuffed with or stored in chemical free, homegrown catnip
Sass knot:
A 2 pack of frayed sisal rope knots
$.50 each
Nip Knots: 
A knotted octopus created from 2 pieces of fleece
Mini flower power:
Silk flower with ribbon and pompom
$.75 each
PomPom Pouncer
Furry yarn, fabric flower petals, or feathers sandwiched between 2 large pompoms
Nip Knot
Sass Knot
Mini Flower Power
PomPom Pouncer
$1.00 each
Racket Ravioli
Pocket of fleece stuffed with cellophane, fluff and catnip.
Racket Ravioli
Fun shapes of fleece, stuffed with cellophane, fluff and catnip.
$2.50 each
Roller ringers
Poly clay eggs with bells inside. Assorted colors available. If you have a particular color in mind, e-mail me.
Roller ringer
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